Shazam! - The Book

"SHAZAM! is a wonderful personal account of people and a place that deserve to be remembered"
Jenny Agutter

"'SHAZAM!' is a wonderful reminder of what the Regal has meant to the people of Evesham over the years and a loud shout to the present owner as to why it would mean so much to have it back."  
Alistair McGowan

"I loved 'Shazam!' A marvellous account of a cinema so typical of the many thousands now sadly gone."
Alan Sillitoe

SHAZAM! - "The must-have book for all cinema fans"

About The Author

Rob Hemming was born in Birmingham in 1956. Educated at Prince Henry's Grammar School, Evesham, he dropped out of university and spent the next twenty-five years in a variety of jobs including farmer, local government officer, truck driver, salesman, decorator, patio designer, classic car restorer, personal trainer and printer, before the penny finally dropped that he was unemployable.

He therefore rekindled an old love affair with creative writing, which now allows him to spend his days dreaming and talking to himself. Besides, it's the one job in which his word is law.

Rob is a former Chairman of the venerable old Malvern Writers' Circle and often contributes to the Cotswold and Vale magazine as well as a variety of national publications. His philosophy is "have pen will travel" and likes to visit jungle, desert, mountain and metropolis in his quest for tall-tales. When not globe-trotting or lounging in the back row of the flicks he can be found long-distance walking or working-out in the gym, all of which, he feels, aids his creativity and keeps his mid-life crisis in check. Rob has one daughter and lives in the Vale of Evesham.

BBC Tour of The Regal with Rob Hemming
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