Shazam! - The Book

"SHAZAM! is a wonderful personal account of people and a place that deserve to be remembered"
Jenny Agutter

"'SHAZAM!' is a wonderful reminder of what the Regal has meant to the people of Evesham over the years and a loud shout to the present owner as to why it would mean so much to have it back."  
Alistair McGowan

"I loved 'Shazam!' A marvellous account of a cinema so typical of the many thousands now sadly gone."
Alan Sillitoe

SHAZAM! - "The must-have book for all cinema fans"



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Shazam! - The Book

Every city and town in the entire world had a much-loved cinema. Whether a Byzantine deco-palace or a cosy provincial flea-pit, they provided endless thrills, spills, tears and laughs to anyone with the price of admission.

'SHAZAM!' is the story of one such cinema. A shire town flicks which achieved legendary status with the four generations of twentieth century dreamers who walked up its marble steps.

"Rob Hemming explores the magic of the flicks by lovingly relating the history of his own ‘Theatre of Dreams’: the legends, the characters, the hilarious anecdotes. Meticulously researched, with over one hundred photographs and illustrations Shazam! presents a wonderful nostalgic snapshot of that most socially important of institutions, the small town picture palace."

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