Shazam! - The Book

"SHAZAM! is a wonderful personal account of people and a place that deserve to be remembered"
Jenny Agutter

"'SHAZAM!' is a wonderful reminder of what the Regal has meant to the people of Evesham over the years and a loud shout to the present owner as to why it would mean so much to have it back."  
Alistair McGowan

"I loved 'Shazam!' A marvellous account of a cinema so typical of the many thousands now sadly gone."
Alan Sillitoe

SHAZAM! - "The must-have book for all cinema fans"


Why Shazam!?

The 'Gang of Four' on the Regal steps.
Between them they worked at the Cinema for 160 years.
L-R: Brian Houghton (Projectionist, 45 years), Irene Mackenzie (Usherette, Manager, 41 years),
Iris Jordan (Usherette, Manager, 43 years), Ernie Highland (Manager, 31 years).

The Beautiful Anarchy Of The Saturday Morning Regal Chums Club

That word, first heard in the 1940's Republic serial 'The Adventures of Captain Marvel' made the hair on the necks of four hundred pre-teens stand on end as they followed their hero through twelve cliff-hanging instalments. The seven-year-old author never experienced so exciting a time in his young life.

Picture the scene: mild-mannered young adventurer Billy Batson is tied up, helpless in the clutches of evil arch-villain, the Scorpion, who is demanding under pain of death that Billy tell him the secret of the mighty Captain Marvel's power. Billy glares at him and replies "I'll not only tell you how. I'll SHOW you how - SHAZAM!'

There is a flash of lightning, a thunderclap and Billy changes into the crime busting super-hero, possessed of the powers of (S)amson, (H)ercules, (A)tlas, (Z)eus,
(A)pollo and (M)ercury.

The Scorpion's evil grin changes to one of terror as he realises that he is now in the deepest of deep shit...

Read about how manager Ernie Highland weaved his magic to re-brand the whole institution of the Saturday matinee in which Captain Marvel, Flash Gordon, Gene Autry et al shared top billing with local rock 'n roll groups, twisting competitions and other hi-jinks...

Stalls C.1985
The seat back look a little worse for wear